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Universal Variable documentation

Different verticals

One site doesn't fit all. Universal Variable can and should be implemented in different ways depending on what kind of site you run.


This is the most standard of implementations. Ecommerce sites typically have around 8 distinct page types:

  • Home
  • Content
  • Product
  • Category listing
  • Search listing
  • Basket
  • Checkout
  • Confirmation

Visit our demo site detailing to see what UV looks like alongside the different pages of an ecommerce site.

Get the code for each of these page types, and add it to the <head> of each page. Directly after this add the Opentag container unique to your site.


Typically travel sites have the same 8 page types, although there are a number of additional variables that may also be required, such as accommodation or journey details. Select client type “travel” on the get code page for these variables to appear in the sample code templates.


Gambling sites are typically a little more complex as often they are in-part “one page apps”, however the structure of the Universal Variable is very similar. However the terminology can be a bit different. We’ve added an outline below for each UV parameter, and what it means for a gambling site:

JSON key Explanation
page The page currently being viewed. E.g. the page.type might be “sports”.
user The visitor or logged in user.
product Gambling sites do not usually have explicit product pages, although product objects do sit within the basket, transaction, and listing variables.
basket This is the bet slip before the bets have been officially placed. In practice, this usually works in a similar way to a customer adding a product to their basket on an ecommerce site.
transaction A very similar structure to the basket variable, but the transaction object should only be used after the bet(s) have been placed.
listing Multiple bets that are present on a page, excluding recommendations (e.g. search results, or a product category page).
recommendation Bets that are recommended to the user on this page, but do not fit directly within the listing variable.
events Contains the events that have occurred on the page.
version Which version of this standard is being used.

Handling ajax events

As a lot of bet-slip activity happens in-page without page refreshes, the Universal Variable should be set up to handle this. Our documentation on ajax-based pages goes into this a lot in depth.

Get the code

You can visit our get code page to obtain the codes for the various different stages of the site. The key thing to note is that while this page details a number of distinct page types, when relating to gambling they actually describe a series of stages that may all occur on the same page.

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