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Universal Variable (UV) is a global JavaScript object that contains all the dynamic variables that matter on any given page. UV is closely linked to Qubit's tag management system, which is used to deploy technologies.

Getting started

Not heard of UV before? Read a quick introduction.

Get started

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1. Add the Opentag container to every page of your site in the head. You can get the container by clicking the “embed” button on a container when logged-in to the Opentag dashboard.

2. Add the Universal Variable code directly before the Opentag container in the head of every page on the site. Get the code.

3. Use our validator tool to confirm you’ve set everything up correctly. Visit our validator page.

For Personalization

Qubit’s platform utilizes the data layer to collect comphrensive data for analysis, as well as providing powerful targeting metrics.

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For Tag Management

Opentag links up third party technology tag templates with the standardised data layer, vastly speeding up the tagging process.

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All the details that matter. Find out what is required, how the UV and Opentag links up with your technology stack, hints & tips, and common pitfalls.

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