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Statistics allow you to see how many times different tags in your container fire, as well as overall container loads and de-duplication figures.

The aim of statistics in Opentag is to provide an indication of what tags and containers are firing. This can be very useful in understanding simple metrics such as if a tag is working correctly, and more advanced ones including de-duplication statistics.

Account Statistics

Account statistics show you a top-line overview of how many times all your containers load.

Note: This is used by Opentag to determine the amount you are billed monthly.


Container loads

Container loads tab show you how many times your container has loaded.


Loading time

The loading time tab showcases how long (in milliseconds) each script takes to load on the page, over the last few days.


Triggered scripts

Triggered scripts tells you which scripts have run, and how many times they have run over the last few days. These are very useful to determine that a tag is definitely firing, and can be used for cross-comparison with other analytics packages when debugging tags.


Untriggered scripts

Untriggered scripts shows how many time each script would have fired, but didn’t as a result of de-duplication rules.


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