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User permissions

Control who can do what in your Opentag account.


You can add additional users to your Opentag account. For every new user you add to your account, you need to choose a role and a permission level. The three possible levels are:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Viewer


Users with viewer access level can:

  • Login to the account
  • Change their own email address and password
  • See the account billing history and invoice details
  • View the containers
  • View the containers’ embed code URL
  • View the names of the scripts in the container
  • Download the container as a JavaScript file
  • View the statistics


Users with Editor access level can:

  • Do everything a Viewer can do
  • Create a new container
  • Deactivate a container
  • View the details of all scripts in a container
  • Add a new script into a container
  • Edit a container and its scripts
  • Edit a scripts’ settings


Users with Administrator access level can:

  • Do everything an Editor can do
  • Change payment settings on the account
  • Cancel hosting settings of the account
  • Edit account name
  • Add/remove users to the account
  • Commit containers

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