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Container history

Opentag's container history provides you with visibility into the evolution of your container.


Now, whenever you make changes to a container – be it by adding a profile, editing a filter, or removing a tag – it can be easily viewed within your commit history. If you have multiple users editing and updating the properties of certain containers, this feature allows you to keep track of all these changes, who pushed them live, and when they were made.

How do I access my container history?


You can access your container’s history from the main Opentag dashboard. Selecting your particular container, simply hit the ‘Configure’ button and select ‘View commit history’ from the dropdown. This will take you into your container’s container history. ​

Understanding your container history


Opening ‘commit history’ will bring you to the above interface. To open the individual container changes for your current or previous version, simply click on the grey celled header – the history will collapse out and be viewable until you return to the Dashboard.

Top header definitions

  • Version: This will either be a number or ‘Not Committed’. If a container is ‘Not Committed’ then it has not been pushed live to the CDN.
  • Active Tags: The number of active tags within the container.
  • Inactive Tags: The number of tags you have deactivated within the container.
  • Created: This is when the new version was created – ie. when the container had it’s first change or update for this particular version.
  • Last Published: This indicates when the container was committed to the CDN.
  • Author: The user who committed the container and most likely made the changes.

Finding your latest uncommited changes.

Your ‘non committed’ changes will be above and is easily identifiable by it’s ‘Not Committed’ label under ‘Version’. These will show all your recent container changes that have not been pushed live yet.

Filtering your commit history.

If you have several users editing your container, or perhaps looking for a particular script change, you have the option to filter your commit history. This is the white textbox in the top right corner of the interface. You could filter by author, by script, or by change.

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